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We are looking for 10-15 talented young people (16-24) from Suffolk who want to make games. We are looking for driven, passionate people who want to learn and get involved in the biggest entertainment industry in the world.


The Level Up Programme is built by Game Anglia to help young people make and publish their first game, from scratch. Throughout this programme, the goal is to learn the basics of project management, the business of game development, and then learn programming, User Interface (UI) and 2D Art techniques to make a mobile game to be published on the Google Play Store. 

Throughout the course, experts from all of these fields will be available to learn from and help you. Guest speakers will join each workshop to help the participants understand the career paths ahead of them, be it to begin their own company, sign up for a further course at university or college or get hired in an existing company.

Completing this course will help you:

Who is the course for?

The course is open to any 16-24 year old living in Suffolk, who is not in education, employment or study at the time of applying. We have a limited number of spots available, so the participants will need to fill in the below form to be considered. We will then arrange an interview and, if accepted, we will arrange the best way for you to take part in the course, due to start in early 2021. 

Learning Path

To make a successful game, you will need to understand the business behind making games. In this first module, you will learn the basics of how a business works, from game developers. You will also be introduced to the concepts needed to produce a game, improving your time management and project management skills.

Deliverable: A Game Production Plan & Business Plan

  • Week 1: Fundamentals of business in games: how businesses operate and how games make money
  • Week 2: Writing a business plan for your game
  • Week 3: Planning game development: intro to project management
  • Week 4: Agile management systems for games

The next step is to plan how players will play your game. You will learn about user experience (UX) design and 2D Art, create a basic no-code prototype of your first level and think about the types of players who will play your game.

Deliverable: An interactive wireframe of your game and list of 2D Assets

  • Week 5: Software introduction to Adobe XD and Photoshop, how to create a game concept
  • Week 6: Software introduction to Shadow PC, colour theory and comprehensive research skills for game development
  • Week 7: Introduction to User Experience (UX) design: interactions and players. Design your game’s flow and first level
  • Week 8: Accessibility in games: why everybody should be able to play your game and how to design for all players. Design the rest of your game’s screens and levels.

In the third module, you will be introduced to basic programming principles and the game engine which we are going to use to make the game. This is where all the planning from Module 2 comes together to make something happen and where you will be able to see people having fun with your game.

  • Week 1: Software introduction to game engines. How to make a point and click game
  • Week 2: Programming basics: Give your game a beginning and an end
  • Week 3: Importing your Month 2 drawings, concepts and assets into Unity and linking them into a working game
  • Week 4: Monetisation: implementing a basic payment system for your game

In the final module, you will spend time polishing your game and putting to good use the things you’ve learned in Module 1. You will upload your game on the Google Play Store and make sure everything works for worldwide release. You might even be able to make your first £1 through the in-app purchases you added to the game in Module 3! 

  • Week 1: Game publishing: how to create a Google Play Developer Account
  • Week 2: Game publishing: uploading a draft of your game on the Google Play Store
  • Week 3: Playtesting and polishing your game
  • Week 4: Release your game on the Google Play Store and make your first £1

With all the games finished and released on the Google Play Store, we will wrap the course up with a showcase (format to be decided at a later date) of all the games. A true celebration of all the work you’ve put into this course and your game.


What we are looking for

Your Skills.



Be able to communicate, negotiate and express your ideas. This will be crucial in making a great game as a team.



It will take commitment to get in the games industry, and to succeed. We can help you, but only if you allow us to.



We can teach you business skills, programming and much more. You will need to be persistent and constantly improve

Applications closed

Applications have closed on the 18th of December. We will contact all applicants to let them know whether they have been offered a place on the course by the 5th of January at the latest. 

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